martin nolan workshop weekend
june 2000
Martin Nolan Workshop WeekendThe Southern California Pipers' Clubs first Workshop Weekend/Tionól went off without a hitch. In fact this is the first uilleann piping tionól/workshop that Southern California has ever had! Thanks to everyone involved and particularly Gabriel and Eilleen McKeagney for opening up their home to us once again.

Martin Nolan was our guest piper and taught three classes on Saturday at three different levels while Michael O'Donovan and David Coultrup held court in the garage with the reedmaking and maintenance workshop.

Saturday night's concert was very enjoyable. Held on the patio at the rear of Gabriel and Eilleen's, illuminated with candles and other ambient lighting which made a picturesque setting for the music to follow. The concert was great and the audience, a lot of whom had never been exposed to the uilleann pipes before, enjoyed it immensely.

Martin's playing was smooth, controlled and confident, possibly due to his time spent in the jacuzzi that evening :) His dexterity on the chanter and regulators impressed the crowd no end. The concert was followed by a roaring session in the living room. Mandolins, banjos, fiddles and the piping entaurage played to their hearts content into the "wee small hours".

On Sunday we were greeted, once again, by a spectacular Ulster fry courtesy of Gabriel and Eilleen, like we were on Saturday. The rashers, sausages, tomato, black & white pudding, boxty and farl's made the hangovers wane long enough to get the hair of the dog into us later in the day.

I think I can safely say that all the club's member's had a fabulous time and gained valuable knowledge that they can make good use of.

Once again thanks to Martin for gracing us and the McKeagney's for their gracious hospitality. Also to Michael and David for their reed knowledge. Thanks to Larry Dunn, who displayed an eager hunger for collecting money which none of us (including him) knew existed and to everyone involved, including attendees without whom the weekend would not have happened.

More pictures and sentiment will be appearing here shortly as the films' get developed. Please anyone with photos or comments e-mail them to me and I'll post them here.

Some of the rabble... Some of the rabble attendees......
Back Row: Victor Fitzsimmons, David Collins, Patrick D'Arcy, Larry Dunn"e"
Front Row: Gabriel McKeagney, Jeff Hurwit, Tim Doughty, Catherine McFadden, Martin Nolan.
Attendees Not Photographed: David Coultup, Michael O'Donovan, Richard Cook, Brian Walsh, Michael Eskin, Tom Wolverton, Rick Felix, Zachery Abbott. If your name isn't here please let me know and I'll add it. Thanks.
Preparing for the weekend... Preparing for the weekend ahead. This man is organized! :)
The intermediate class... The intermediate class gets underway with everyone contently focused on the task ahead......cramming knowledge.
Tom Wolverton... Tom Wolverton records the intermediate class for future reference.
Martin demonstrates... Martin demonstrates the "standing on a chair" technique. Very rarely seen these days.
David Coultrup... David Coultrup demonstrating his excellent sanding cylinder set up for reedmaking.
Later in the day... Later in the day now and Martin launches into a few tunes at the concert on Gabriel's patio.
The Patio... The Patio made a picturesque setting as the sun set behind the hills to the west.
Martin exhibits... Martin exhibits the various workings of the pipes to the audience, many of whom never saw or heard the pipes before. They were pleasently surprised at the sweet tone from Martins Andreas Rogge set.
Later still and the... Later still and the pipes held up well in the (much) cooler evening air.
These four were taken by Michael Eskin... These four were taken by Michael Eskin with his digital camera. I had received them in my e-mail box before I had realised that it was Monday already ;) ...fair play to you Michael! This is one of Martin playing at the concert before the sun set.
One of Martin... One of Martin playing his Cillian O'Brien low whistle in D.
Playing his Andreas Rogge wide bore D pipes.
Piping away.....(Pacifico Beer Company please take note of the free advertising and realise what a great opportunity this publicity is to you. We expect to hear from you regarding sponsorship for future events! :)
These remaining photos were taken by Gabriel McKeagney. Some great ones here!
Martin and the intermediate class trying to stay cool in the shade.
Michael Eskin, David Coultrup and David Collins.....reed talk.
Michael O'Donovan demonstrating one of his beautiful bassoon reed making tools. He had a production line going, gouging cane for all who wanted it. Fair play to him!
The garage attracted many folks seeking reed help or a cool beer ;)
Michael O'Donovan, Martin Nolan and Brian Walsh with his Johnny Bourke D set. Probably more reed talk.........what else?!
Evidence of the Jacuzzi story. "This ain't no holiday buster....get those pipes on ye!" ;)
A gopher snake came to visit. Reminding us not to crawl around in the bushes, em, strike that :) A lovely snake too measuring about 3 to 4 feet.
The view of the concert from the kitchen after several pints it would appear.
"The Sweaty Session". Look familiar? Here we have Sam O'Kane, Me, Cathy McFadden, Brian Walsh ar an feadóg, Tom Wolverton (in cap) and Martin away in the corner in purple.
Michael O'Donovan's boxwood, brass, ivory and horn set by Michael Hubbert. Lovely set. Mr. Hubbert has outdone himself with this set modeled on his old Ted Crowley set.
Geoff Wooff B set in ebony, nickel silver and mammoth ivory. (my pipes :)
My set from another angle.
Me and my pipes with Richard "Cha Cha" Ramirez listening in.
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