Southern California Tionól
October 22, 23 & 24

The 2004 So Cal Tionol was an amazing success! Thanks to everyone for coming and making the weekend possible. A special thank you to Gabriel & Eileen McKeagney for opening their home to us all once again! Also to our guests Mick O'Brien, Caoimhín O Raghallaigh and Benedict Koehler for your hard work and senses of humour! Thanks also to David Quinn, Michael Hubbert & Michael Burke for gracing us and also to Cillian Vallely who made great effort to be with us on the Sunday of the tionól. Photos and further reviews will be posted soon. If you have some you'd like to share please send them along to pat@uilleannobsession.com

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On spotting two hurley's and a sliother Mick and Caoimhín were out the door to slap the auld ball around.... they knew what they were at too!
Tea, tea, tea, tea, tea, tea, tea, ...... ah yeah, tea, tea, tea, tea, tea, tea, Taylor Brothers, tea, tea, tea, tea, tea, tea, ...... ah yeah.
Ted and Januka Anderson enjoying the concert.
After much harassment and prodding neither Benedict Koehler nor Eric Rigler would agree to get up and play some opening tunes for Mick and Caoimhín. Sensing some panic Benedict suggested I do it.... I did and it wasn't too terrible I think?!?!? Luckily I had Kynch O'Kaine on hand to play some tunes with me on his concertina. I was lavishly caressing my beautiful new chanter made by Messrs. Koehler & Quinn. A wonderful D chanter which I am truly lucky to own! More on that later :)

After our introduction to the night Mick and Caoimhín got up and played as only they know how. It was a night to remember for everyone involved, truly inspirational, exciting music and the best craic you could wish for! Benedict joined the lads for a few tunes at the end of their set.... where can we go from here?
Kevin Crehan and Caoimhín sneaking a few tunes in one of the kids bedrooms after the concert.... sweet, sweet music.
Piper Dave Collins and pipemaker Michael Hubbert.
We had a few welcome visitors whom we were delighted to see. Cillian Vallely had a concert in Pasadena with Lúnasa and was kind enough to stay an extra day and rent a car to come and see us! Local boy Eric Rigler also made an appearance and even brought Mick & Caoimhín out surfing on Tuesday morning.... braver souls I have yet to meet!
More photos to follow as they arrive. If you would like yours posted to the site please send them to pat@socalpipers.com
Benedict Koehler's reedmaking class.
Michael Burke and his whistles.
John Touhey, Pat Cannady and Karen Cook.
The most reverend David Quinn.
The beginners piping class with Caoimhín in the middle.
Michael Burke and Ted Anderson have a few tunes.
Eric Rigler in Benedict's reedmaking class.
Larry Dunn tuning the drones on his Peter Hunter B set.
Reeds, reeds, reeds, reeds, reeds, reeds, reeds, reeds, reeds, reeds, reeds, reeds, reeds, reeds, reeds, reeds, reeds, reeds, reeds.
The SCUPC Treasurer
Patrick, Michael and Benedict watching the concert.
The following 16 photos were sent to me by fiddling attendee all the way from Chicago, IL - Karen Cook. Thanks a million Karen they are great! This first one is of the legendary Wally Charm.
Here we have a good shot of the view out the back of The McKeagney residence. The weather as you can see was just perfect. It had rained earlier in the week so the humidity was perfect and the temperatures were in the mid 80's... perfect So Cal piping weather and not a wooly jumper in sight! :)

Mick at work! Where are the shoes Micko?
Lair of The Koehler! Benedict drew quite the crowd for his reedmaking classes. Many pipers left with their pipes in perfect shape after visiting.

Proof of Benedict's strange powers over attracting interesting people..... Here we have Cillian Vallely and Eric Rigler discussing something or other as well as Mick himself playing some tunes on Eric's pipes!
Kynch O'Kaine, chanter in hand.
Gaby and Therese. She was so cute.... in the middle of Gaby's introduction to the evening concert Therese walks up on stage and steals the show! :)
Pat D'Arcy and Caoimhín O'Raghallaigh.
Here are more photos just unveiled in the massive chaotic void that is my computer....
Check out the lads website for more photos of the weekend and their other various and sundry travels ::: more»
Mick O'Brien & Caoimhin O Raghallaigh

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